Meet the Brand: Afends

What is it about Australians? *If you know me you will chuckle at this question* But really, they always seem to be so effortlessly cool, casually ahead of the trends (or above any "trends" altogether), and in my research many are also one step ahead in the sustainable conversations. All of these statements apply for Afends, a Byron Bay based brand that I was so lucky to stumble upon. 


More about the brand's sustainability: 
    Supply Chain and Sourcing: 

     Its awesome to see that Afends is fully transparent about the factories they work with and provide a full list with information included on each factory partner. Their goal by doing this is to create and maintain long term partnerships with factories that share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency. This also helps them ensure that the workers are treated fairly and earn a fair wage.  This level of transparency is such a great example for the rest of the industry. 

    One of the main fabrics Afends uses is Hemp, which is one of the most sustainable fabric options available. Hemp is a renewable resource that only takes 90 days to cultivate and requires significantly less water than cotton. It also needs zero toxic chemicals or pesticides to grow. Another cool fact about hemp: It can clean the atmosphere and even reverse damage done to it. Hemp absorbs 4x as much CO2 as trees do, effectively fighting global warming.


    Afends' fabric certifications: GOTS, OCS 100, OCS Blended

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