Meet the Brand: Boyish

Boyish was one of the first brands I reached out to after creating Second Nature and I have been so excited to share their product with all of you! 

About their social and environmental responsibility: 

Sustainable fabrics used are OCS 100 certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, GRS recycled fabrics, deadstock fabrics, and Tencel™ Lyocell. 

Less Waste:
They are also working towards a circular economy and closed loop tech! Boyish is a member of the The Jeans Redesign project from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The project guidelines ensure that they create durable jeans made with recyclable, traceable materials and minimal pollution. Boyish leverages the closed-loop technology of Re:Newcell to recycle all stretch fabrics.

Social Responsibility: 

  • All Boyish suppliers must sign our Code of Conduct 
  • Factory partners pay average wages over the minimum wage. They also joined the Lowest Wage Challenge to motivate others that worker compensation transparency is extremely important.
  • Boyish conducts third party audits on their supply chain to ensure compliance of high social responsibility and environmental standards. Intertek is the company used to ensure Boyish Jeans are made ethically.

 Full Sustainability Report 

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