Meet the Brand: DL1961

There are so many things I love about DL1961. And below are just a few: 

  • DL1961 is a family and women owned denim brand 
  • They launched in 2008 and have always had a focus on sustainable manufacturing, even before it was "hot".
  • Their main focus is confidence, comfort, inclusivity, and sustainability 

But most importantly, I want to share the environmental impact of DL1961 and why I am so excited to have then on Second Nature! 


  • Less water waste: Their state-of-the-art in-house treatment plant helps them recycle 98% of their water 
  • Use recycled and renewable fabrics: Use Modal® and Tencel™ to reduce water usage and increase the life of your jeans.
  • Clean Dyes: DL1961 uses Dystar Liquid Indigo to minimize byproducts, and no bleach or harmful chemicals.
  • Use Ozone and Lazer technologies so that no water or harmful chemicals are needed for different denim washes and effects.
  • Energy efficient: Their self-generating power plant uses solar panels and heat recovery to power itself
  • Close Loop Manufacturing: turn your trash and old denim into new jeans.
  • Ethical Practices: provide fair wages, reasonable hours, and positive working conditions

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