Welcome to Second Nature!

This last year has hopefully taught us a lot. To look outside our own privilege,  stand up for what is right, and that collectively, even the small things each of us does can roll up into a larger positive impact. 

So that brings us to Second Nature, welcome! :) 

When I came up with the idea of creating an e-comm site for sustainable products, I was trying to solve my own problem. I have always loved fashion, so much so that my career ended up in the buying and wholesale space. But the more time I spent in the industry, the more I was educated on the supply chain, fabrics used, and lack of transparency in the entire production process.

Thats when I started googling sustainable brands and doing my research. Here's what I found: 

  • The entire industry is talking about sustainability, but no one is actually doing much or enough to change their irresponsible practices.
    • The BoF Sustainability Index found that: "while fashion companies are speaking about sustainability more than ever before, actions are lagging public commitments. The average overall score of the companies assessed was just 36 out of a possible 100, with significant disparities between engagement and action."
  • Theres a ton of brands highlighting sustainability on their site, but too many of these brands are simply greenwashing for marketing purposes. 
    • Greenwashing: process of communicating misleading information about how their products are more environmentally responsible and gloss over their bad behavior. 
  • There are still a lot of sustainable brands out there, but doing the research to validate their practices and weeding through the "fakes" takes a lot of time and effort. 

So here is how I am solving that with Second Nature

  • Second Nature is a curated place for women to shop sustainable products without having to sacrifice style or quality. 
  • We make it easy! All brands have been vetted and researched by the Second Nature team, so you can shop for product you love sans the guilt of the negative impact your purchase will have. 

It's so important to knowledge that our purchasing decisions hold power, whether we want to admit it or not. So let's work together to make this small but impactful change. Together lets create a better world. :) 

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